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The Lisu: Far from the Ruler

Michele Zack's newest book focuses on one of the smallest and last groups of stateless people in the world.  Learn more about The Lisu: Far from the Ruler.

…amazing history and culture

"A real triumph. The Lisu should be proud to have Michele Zack, a keen observer with an unfailing eye for the revelatory image or event, to chronicle their amazing history and culture. The Lisu reputation for independence, equality, adaptability, 'repute,' and cultural cohesion despite steep odds comes across in her vibrant prose."
—James C. Scott, Yale University

…packed full of fascinating observations

"This is a loving, inviting, and accessible portrait of the Lisu people…The book is richly illustrated, well organized, and packed full of fascinating observations and insights. It is bound to reach and inspire many readers, both students of culturally diverse Asia and the general reader fascinated with the richness of our shared world."
—Magnus Fiskesjö, Cornell University

…keen observations and lucid writing

"Journalist-historian Michele Zack provides rich images of Lisu across the entire region. Her keen observations and lucid writing unify what until now have been isolated bits and pieces of a much larger picture and for the first time show us the range and variability of these remarkable highland people."
—E. Paul Durrenberger, author of Uncertain Times, Gambling Debt, and The Anthropological Study of Class and Consciousness

…asks important questions

"Michele Zack’s book is packed full of insights and information…Together with intimate portraits of individuals and communities, it asks important questions about opportunities and constraints facing indigenous people in a fast-changing world and concludes with interesting thoughts on possible futures for the Lisu."
—Dr. Ashley South, author of The Politics of Peace in Myanmar

…Michele Zack's spectacular new book

"You don't need to be fascinated already by the Lisu to be fascinated by Michele Zack's spectacular new book about the Lisu. You just need to start on page 1, travel with Zack into the Lisu world, and succumb to her remarkable evocation of this little-known but endlessly interesting people. If you cannot live years of your life with the Lisu, this is the book to read, at once a rigorous ethnography, a lively travelogue, and a beautifully written memoir. The best books are the products of love: this book is the product of a passion enduring decades."
—Mischa Berlinski, author of Fieldwork and Peacekeeping: A Novel

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